Find Your True Voice

Career Transition Mastermind Group

Rediscover your purpose & transform into a new, more fulfilled version of yourself.

Tailored for mid-career female professionals

Gorana Sandrić - HR Consultant and Career Coach
Gorana Sandrić - HR Consultant and Career Coach

Your career (and life) transformation doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, painful, or intimidating!

As a female professional who feels stuck, you must dive deep and ask yourself difficult questions. However, doing it alone may not help you reach a breakthrough. 

Even with guidance from an expert or coaching, the process is often painful because most focus on what you did wrong. What’s missing is enjoyment and lightheartedness. 

That’s what we bring to the table that makes this Mastermind Group unique: a nurturing environment where you can be yourself, face your challenges and reach a breakthrough.

Does any of these sound familiar?

We know it’s frustrating when…

  • You are close to burnout or already there because of fear, overthinking and inaction
  • You feel alone dealing with what is holding you back and your inability to find a viable solution that actually works for you and feels right
  • You let your self-blockages limit your options and push you to focus on the negative side of things
  • You have little to no control over your life decisions and actions because what you do does not actually feel right
  • You face a multi-faceted challenge because you hold multiple roles: at home, at work, and in society
  • You try to fit in (a new company or even a new culture in a new country like Switzerland) but forget how it feels like to be yourself
  • You find it hard to focus on what matters the most because you feel fear of inadequacy (I don’t have what it takes), failure (What if I fail going my own way?), and isolation (What if no one supports me with my decisions?)
  • You may have tried other coaches or methods to get where you deserve, but you feel disappointed by the results (you didn’t get there, your progress was slow, or you didn't feel comfortable with the process)
  • You dread deep-dive discussions, challenging questions asked, and the powerful feelings surfacing publicly, but you want to have those discussions in a confident circle

We really know. We have been through this, too, and managed to reach the other side. Let us guide you through this!

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Things can be different!
You can now enjoy your transformation & reach a breakthrough!

When we, Gorana and Kati, this group’s masterminds, reached the middle of our year-long careers, we felt burned out, too.

Difficult questions surfaced, like  “What do we do from now on?”, “How do we spend the rest of our careers and lives?”, “Why do we still feel stuck?” or “How can we get unstuck and rediscover our purpose?”. We felt stuck. 

That’s no fun, and for most people, let alone women who feel stuck and alone in their struggle, like you, it brings tears, sorrow, and sadness. 

We are sure you know the feeling of beating yourself up for past decisions that did not prove suitable.

Not enjoying your transformation process can tremendously impact the end result. You can't appreciate the destination if you can’t enjoy the journey. 

No human wants to go through painful situations intentionally. Women like you often feel ashamed or embarrassed to open up because you feel you will be scolded for your wrongdoings. 

That’s where our Find your True Voice - Career Transition Mastermind Group comes into play.

All the way into your transformation process, you will feel relaxed and comfortable in a safe environment where a touch of fun can lighten up even the most difficult topics and discussions. 

We strive to make the process easier to navigate without compromising the end result, which is your career (and life) transformation.

"Taking part in the Career Transition Mastermind Group for women has been amazing. The support, encouragement, and advice I received along the process have been invaluable in supporting my personal and professional changes over the past year. I left with a feeling of empowerment and a group of smart, strong women as new friends. Gorana has led and allowed us to organise the sessions together. I can highly recommend the Mastermind Group to anyone going through transition and looking to share and network with great women in a trusted environment."


Introducing the Find Your True Voice - Career Transition Mastermind Group

If you nodded yes to one or more of the questions above, then this Mastermind Group is for you.

We designed it specifically for mid-career women professionals like you, who feel stuck at work and in life, to help them rediscover their purpose and transform into a new, more fulfilled version of themselves

Together, we will work gently on serious and sensitive topics, bringing light to your most challenging issues.

We will help you put things into another, more sustainable perspective. 

We will bring a spark to your eyes and get playful while exploring your future options.

We are creative and use analogies, paradigms, metaphors and our own stories to show that when you position yourself away from the problem and see things with an eagle-eye view, everything gets a new brighter light.

Everything we do comes out organically, and although there is a specific, tried-and-tested process and proven steps to follow, there are no hard and fast rules. 

As we brainstorm and go through peer coaching and accountability, enjoyable stories or experiences spontaneously come up that ease the tension, energise, and make you feel good.

This enjoyment factor is a blend of our personal experiences and personalities. Perhaps it’s the combination of traits and life concepts from our countries of origin: 

Gorana, coming from Croatia, has a flexible and “it’s not the end of the world” approach to things, while Kati, like most Finns, loves self-deprecation and not taking things too seriously, allowing joy being zapped out of every opportunity. 

All this without compromising the seriousness of the career and life decisions that lie ahead for you.

Your life and career are not a chore but a precious thing worth enjoying!

Book your FREE Discovery Call with Gorana

It’s a 30-min call, at no cost to you, where we will get to know each other, you can ask questions about the Mastermind Group, & we can decide if and how you fit into one of the next Groups.

Who we are

Gorana Sandrić

Gorana Sandrić

Founder, Group creator & Facilitator

Right from the beginning, my career had a strong progression. I was taking over more senior roles and leading projects of a broader scope.

During that time, I acquired enormous knowledge and experience on how to deal with any HR, Talent management or Leadership development challenge. I was the go-to person, highly appreciated, having an international career.

But, the sense of unfulfillment that started as a timid voice in my early 40s got louder and led to burnout. 

I transitioned from the corporate world into the entrepreneurial one and changed countries several times. Was it easy? No. Was I feeling like a failure sometimes? Yes. Did I have the strong support network that I needed? Oh, no!

I went through my transition the best I could and then decided to form a group to go through transition together. 

We did that and had fun on the way. And the program was so compelling that all the women participants urged me to level it up and do it again.

I don’t believe the transition has a strong beginning and definitely not a strong end. I am still exploring different projects and different approaches to my professional challenges. 

But going through the process or part of it together helps. And, it may be that you will meet a new group of friends that you cannot imagine your life without anymore. 

Kati Tarpila

Kati Tarpila

Founder, Group creator & Facilitator

In 2017, I was notified that my job was eliminated. The call came on a Friday (yes, I know, unreal, right?), and I was in Barcelona for the weekend. I was in shock. 

I spent months applying for jobs and connecting with my network when finally, an amazing opportunity came.

After working years in the insurance industry, I was offered a job in cement manufacturing. This was super exciting, and little did I know how much I would enjoy this journey. 

My business travels were completely different from that point on.  I absolutely loved it, from fancy hotels and seminars in major capitals to guest houses at remote locations at the cement plants!

End of 2017, I started to write the first chapter of my new career. I believe that life has a tendency to move us in directions where we are meant to go, despite the fact that we might have planned differently.

When opportunities present themselves, and if they feel right, grab them. Listen to your gut!

Career transition is not the end but rather an opportunity to build a new beginning.

I often describe the experience as feeling like "Alice in Wonderland". Every day I learn something new, develop my knowledge and get to know amazing people around the world.

And believe it or not, I am transitioning again. It can become addictive!

"I was lucky to go through my transition with the Mastermind Group led by Gorana Sandric last year. Being at a transitional point in my career, I received the support I was looking for at that moment. Gorana managed to bring together a group of brilliant female professionals who were able to share their experiences in a warm and trustworthy peer group. Each of the participants was able to benefit from the knowledge of others and receive advice and coaching. By the program's end, we all achieved our professional goals."


What you get.

The Find Your True Voice - Career Transition Mastermind Group consists of a series of 5+1 online workshops/sessions.

Introductory session (60 min)

This is a friendly online chat where we get to know each other, discover your specific needs and challenges we need to address in the workshops, get you familiar with the methodology and outcomes, and establish a shared vision.

A facilitated workshop where you get to know your peers, connect with other like-minded women, and work on setting your transition goals.

A facilitated workshop where you identify the behaviours, objectives, habits (and many other things that speak to us through our internal voice) that are not useful to you anymore. We will guide you through exploring what is holding you back with an interactive and experiential structure.

A facilitated workshop where you will explore your different options and possibilities while minimising the impact of anything that is not serving you anymore. We (your peers and us, the facilitators) will support and nurture you while you remove the barriers but still don’t feel ready to move on.

A facilitated workshop where you will explore and try possible scenarios and visualise the best way to move forward. We guide you as you gain more and more clarity about the new version of yourself.

A facilitated workshop where you reflect on your progress so far and decide on your commitments for a rewarding and sustainable career (and life) transition.

Gorana Sandrić - HR Consultant and Career Coach

Throughout your transformation process, you will also get the following

  • Pre-workshop preparation
  • Post-workshop reflection
  • Community building with your peers
  • A WhatsApp group for support
  • Structured learning
  • Brainstorming & creative thinking sessions
  • An Accountability system
  • Support to cater for the common needs of the group (group coaching)
  • Customised support based on personal needs (peer support)
  • Concrete results at the end of the program
  • Clearly defined,  transparent process
  • Tried & tested process backed by top-notch certifications & degrees

All the sessions are highly interactive and experiential. We use various group interventions and approaches that include storytelling, art, and music, to name a few, while maximising the impact and smooth integration of the changes you have committed to and are ready to implement in your career (and life).

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It’s a 30-min call, at no cost to you, where we will get to know each other, you can ask questions about the Mastermind Group, & we can decide if and how you fit into one of the next Groups.

How it works

If you feel this Mastermind Group is for you, then go for it. Here is what to expect from now on

We review your profile & needs and allocate you to the next Group (if there are still available slots)

Once you are in, we send you a short questionnaire to verify your needs & schedule our Introductory Session to get to know each other better.

You participate in the first Orientation & Kick-off Workshop to get to know your peers & get familiar with the process, goals and end results.

You go through the career (and life) transition process via the next 3 online workshops (Endings, Neutral Zones, New Beginnings).

We have a last online workshop to reflect on the outcomes and follow up on your next steps.

Your group’s WhatsApp support chat will be available for you at any time when you feel you need support from your peers or us.

After completing the Mastermind Group, we will still be there for you if you need extra post-group coaching and support (not included in the Mastermind Group price).

"When I joined the Mastermind Group, I mainly hoped to grow my Swiss network. I am a professional in a global role and a mother of 3; therefore, time is always tight. I have to say that this was one of the best investments I made last year. I achieved my first goal by meeting a group of experienced and accomplished professionals focused on growing their careers. I also learned and practised very valuable coaching techniques. And most importantly, I made new friends. Through the process that Gorana designed, we worked on overcoming obstacles and challenges, but we also shared success stories and discovered hidden strengths. Gorana’s guidance and co-creation focus built a space of trust, vulnerability, and constructive support. I warmly recommend this Mastermind Group to any lady who has a career and may feel isolated, is wondering what comes next or would like support to get to the next level."


Your investment

Find your True Voice - Career Transition Mastermind Group


  • Introductory session (60 min)
  • Workshop #1 - Orientation & Kick-off (90 min)
  • Workshop #2 - Endings (90 min)
  • Workshop #3 - Neutral zones (90 min)
  • Workshop #4 - New beginnings (90 min)
  • Workshop #5 - Completion & Way forward (90 min)


  • WhatsApp group for support during & after the sessions

This is for you if

  • You want to change your job, but do not want a similar job in another organisation 
  • You are in the middle of your career, feeling that something is missing, but you are not sure what that is.
  • You lost the passion and purpose with your current role and organisation
  • You feel you are in the transition but are not confident about the why and how.
  • You are about to leave or lose the job and would like to do something about it beforehand
  • You would like to explore going independent
  • You want to return to work after having a longer break

This is not for you if

  • You have recently changed jobs and/or organisations and are motivated to give it a try
  • You don’t often (or at all) think about leaving your current role or employer (often = at least weekly, or even daily)
  • You generally feel happy and content with your career
  • You've just recently graduated (or are very early in your career)
Book your FREE Discovery Call with Gorana

It’s a 30-min call, at no cost to you, where we will get to know each other, you can ask questions about the Mastermind Group, & we can decide if and how you fit into one of the next Groups.

Still unsure?

If you still feel unsure if this Mastermind Group is for you, keep this in mind: we have been through the same struggles and challenges ourselves and rediscovered our purpose and future in our careers and life via the process we follow.

It’s a tried-and-tested approach, meaning it’s a low-risk but high-ROI investment for you.

It’s also backed by science and our continuous commitment to lifelong education and training. Gorana is a Professional Coach certified by INSEAD, one of the most acclaimed educational institutions in the world.

Still have questions? Send us an email at or DM us on LinkedIn for more details.

If you are not ready yet to commit to the group, that’s OK. Let’s chat and see how we can facilitate your thinking process, no strings attached.