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Gorana Sandrić - HR Consultant and Career Coach

Gorana Sandrić

Hi, I am Gorana, a HR leader, a coach, an entrepreneur. The first part of my career I was gathering knowledge and experience. Now I use it to support people in different organization to find the best solutions and practices for them.

Based on my experience and curious mindset that seeks continuous improvement and outside-in view, I know what works and what doesn’t. And my greatest reward is to hear my clients say things like, “Gorana, you helped me see other perspectives and challenged me to become more impactful.”

I am mother of two, wife, owner of the best dog on the whole world. In my free time, I like to be in the nature, and I am a passionate cook.

Impact of our activities

I’m passionate about exploring new and better ways of optimizing Human Resource Management. HR needs clear impact that enables the organization to reach the objectives and create inclusive work environment.

That is why I always ask the following questions:

  • As an outcome of this HR activity are we motivating and engaging people more?
  • Are we touching the hearts of our customers, and are we strengthening our relationships as a result?
  • How do our services help clients optimize their business strategy?

I want to hear your voice and your experiences. And am ready to help you move on.

Maximize your people practice and boost your human capital through coaching and HR consulting with me.

Let’s empower you... and your team.

Previous corporate roles

For over 20 years, my career was in corporate organizations cutting across different industries and different senior international HR roles.

Coca Cola Hellenic (FMCG)

Head of the group Talent Development

Most impactful projects:

  • Inclusive talent management
  • Learner in the center of development
  • Simplification and modernization of processes

Holcim, LafargeHolcim (Building Materials)

HR Director, Croatia | Head of Talent Management and HRBP, Europe | Organization and HR Director, Central Europe

Most impactful projects:

  • Implementation of new Talent management
  • HR Transformation and increase of capabilities
  • Design and implement experience-based career development


I have a certification from INSEAD in Executive Coaching, which was based on the System Psychodynamic model. As part of my further development as a Business Coach, I joined a supervision group within INSEAD, and I've had individual coaching sessions with experts in the field ever since.

Gorana Sandrić - HR Consultant and Career Coach

what client say

"From networking to group learning and more" In short, this is how I would describe my experience with Gorana. During one of the events for Global HR Leaders, I had opportunity to meet Gorana and share thoughts on relevant HR industry topics. Her project on Adaptive Leadership and Change Management, I took part of, was challenging and creative. She managed to create learning experience that is far different from already known ways of sharing quality content. Open-minded and approachable HR professional, able to map real problems HR industry is facing and give answers. HR professional having in possession one of the rarest qualities to be found among HR Professionals today, ability to question and challenge herself in order to grow and being opened for challenges coming from others.

Gorana Sandrić - Testimonials
Vesna Đurđević Learning and Development Consultant and Licensed Identity Compass Consultant

As part of the curriculum offered to our International HR MBA students at Magellan Institute, we very often turn to recognised professionals to bring their expertise through the use of real life case studies . Gorana was very receptive to the idea and was helpful in building a case based on her experience with major multinational companies ; she offered to cover the field of talent management and the potential difficulties arising between corporate functions and local operations when it comes to implementing global policies . The students benefited from her inputs to best engage in the case , then were guided in preparing their suggestions and finally received a thorough feed back . They all appreciated Gorana’s availability to them and the fact the case spoke to them being so close to what really happens in the companies. We are looking forward to another session which is already booked!

Gorana Sandrić - Testimonials
José Maria Aulotte Program director MBA International HR management at Magellan Institute , Paris

I have experienced Gorana both one on one and in a group setting. She brings to the table a unique combination of empathy, top-notch coaching training and years of hands-on business experience with multinational corporations. She helped me explore new perspectives to my issues and get a deeper understanding of what was really going on. If you are looking for someone to "hold the space" for you and bring your self-reflection to the next level, with Gorana you found the perfect partner.

Gorana Sandrić - Testimonials
Karel Smerak Senior Finance Executive and Investor

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Gorana on different faculty projects; among others, she was a guest lecturer at the postgraduate specialist study program “Services Marketing” at the Faculty of Economics and Tourism “Dr Mijo Mirković”. She is an extremely positive person and a reliable, outstanding professional with great practical experience and expertise in her field. Gorana shares her knowledge without barriers and is fully open to conversation, so the only possible outcome is lots of satisfied students. It was a great honor to have her as guest lecturer and it would be a great pleasure to host her again in the future.

Gorana Sandrić - Testimonials
Erik Ružić Associate Professor of Marketing

I have enjoyed being part of a peer circle that Gorana organises and moderates, because it helps me connect with other professionals doing similar roles in non-competing organisations to discuss and share knowledge on topics that are of interest. It has also created a small self-help community where group members seek advice or input on topics on an ad-hoc basis, providing new knowledge pools that we previously did not have access to. Gorana is very good at keeping us engaged, we have pre-read information, consensus on the agenda topics and a flexible approach to how the conversations so we keep up the energy. It's clear from the emails that follow each meeting that the group are getting benefits from being part of the peer circle.

Gorana Sandrić - Testimonials
John Cocker Talent, Leadership & Development Director,Molson Coors

I am really enjoying the participation in the talent peer circles sessions moderated by Gorana. I am engaged since several months, as the sessions are well prepared and structured around super relevant talent topics (skills management, the future of talent etc), enabling that we get the most out of each meeting. Also, the participants are experts in the field, and it is really interesting to share perspectives on talent, including sharing best practices during and after each session between all of us.

Gorana Sandrić - Testimonials
Florie Saulnier Head Global Talent, Telefonica

Working with Gorana made my life better. Although it was difficult for me to confront myself with self, personally, it had stunning echo on my late development. I am so grateful and honored to had opportunity to work with her. Literally, life changing longterm impact. Thank you!

Gorana Sandrić - Testimonials
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