Strategic People Plan

One of the main reasons why people leave the organisation is lack of development and career opportunities. Why not avoiding it by preparing the people for the jobs of the future right now?

Strategic People Plan


People Plan enables the organisation to execute the business strategy in the changing environment.  The plan aims to close the gap between current and required level of skills needed for the roles of the future. The outcome is an integrated approach to maximise the impact of skills acquisition (recruitment) and internal development (up- or re- skill). As usual, the important question is timing and preparing the plan will help you anticipate and manage the activities to gain maximum impact.

Many of the organisations are not aware of the current workforce’s capabilities and possibilities to be developed. Not only that, but although developing people is usually proclaimed as a priority, in reality it has questionable outcomes and impact. How to approach the topic of upskilling and reskilling in the organization? How to ensure that you have the right skills and roles to enable the organization execute the business strategy? It all starts from understanding your organization and the demands it has for the future.

In this free resource you will learn how to develop your own strategic people plan, what are the benefits of owning one, and the best tips.

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Gorana Sandrić - HR Consultant and Career Coach

Gorana Sandrić

Hi, I’m Gorana, your Career Coach with a passion for helping you get the best out of yourself and your business. I also believe that there is a human way of leading self, individuals, teams, and organizations.

For over 20 years, my career was in corporate organizations cutting across different industries and different senior international HR roles. Those experiences are my strong base in which I practiced, designed, integrated, and implemented people practices in both engineering and commercial-driven industries.

I managed diverse international teams, achieved high results in the matrix organizations, was part of integration teams after the merge, and partnered with top executives and senior leaders.  And I gradually became a thought leader in HRM.

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After mastering different practices with continuous improvement and outside-in view, I know what works and what doesn’t. And my greatest reward is to hear my clients say things like, “Gorana, you helped me see other perspectives and challenged me to become more impactful.”

I’m passionate about exploring new and better ways of optimizing Human Resource Management. And I believe that HR and Coaching needs to have a clear impact while being simple and engaging so that clients can move in sync with their coach.

That is why I always ask the following questions:

  • As an outcome of this HR activity are we motivating and engaging people more?
  • Are we touching the hearts of our customers, and are we strengthening our relationships as a result?
  • How do our services help clients optimize their business strategy?

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