‘To be or not to be’ in the Future of Work

Future of Work has already started and organizations need to decide: to speed up the preparation or remain within their realities and complain about the speed of the change. The challenges for the organization are coming from two at least sides: workforce of the future and impact of Industry 4.0 changes


Future Of Talent Management: Are We Ready To Give Up Full Control?

Recently I participated in a talent strategy masterclass in which the organizer raised an interesting question: To what extent is your talent strategy fit for its purpose? Out of 126 participants, 89% of them answered that it is not.


Beyond traditional learning programs

A lot is being asked of leaders. Faced with a diverse workforce and fast, often unpredictable changes, they are also currently tasked with upskilling and reskilling their teams, successfully leading and engaging, attracting and retaining top talent — the list goes on.


The transformation of talent-ism

Talent management has been on my menu as a favored dish, at least as a dessert, for decades. When you choose to work in Human Resources, you get involved in Talent management regardless of the role you perform.


Our search for a figure and the meaning

There are schools of thoughts about how to measure the ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) in training activities, but it is not my intention to write about any of them now.


“No more hero’s welcome the gardeners!”

I will remember the HR360 European Summit that just finished in Vienna by this sentence from Scott McArthur, Special Guest Speaker. It was a place to hear many great speakers and approaches companies do, interesting ideas and concepts, lot of inspiring individuals to network with.